Friday, December 9

The truth behind mineral makeup – be suspicious of media threshing

The use of makeup has been in progress for a thousand years. Several trends have come and disappeared, such as crichog eyebrows, a red lipstick, a bright blush, among others. Apart from this, there have been varieties of materials that have been used to improve the appearance of an individual such as lead. Formaldehyde, Belladonna and others. The current trend at the moment uses natural mineral cosmetics.

Most makeup marks contain non-natural dyes, perfumes and other additives, but in the case of a Essential Mineral Makeup Essentials, it gives you the advantage of having natural elements. If you suffer from a sensitive skin, mineral makeup can reduce inflammation and solve other skin problems because additives are what causes irritation of your face.

However, it should be noted that all mineral cosmetic products are not really natural and pure. Many companies say they make natural elements products but always put stabilizers and other chemicals found in traditional makeup. People against mineral makeup use this is their main restraint for not believing the hype.

Another affirmation of mineral cosmetic adversaries is that chemicals and ingredients found in mineral makeup are similar to those found in ordinary cosmetics. In addition to this, there are some characteristics of the natural ingredients visible throughout Talc, called drying substance and can motifify your face if you have hyperactive oil glands.

In addition, mineral makeup manufacturers also say that you can sleep even with makeup and do not worry about washing your face. On the other hand, dermatologists oppose this point of view indicating that the ingredients are grounded in dangerous nanoparticles. The reason that they have been grounded so small that they can penetrate your skin instead of staying at the top.

On the other hand, supporters of this “new” type of makeup argue that it can lead to an unbeatable glow because it is light and gives you the natural look. Indeed, if the demands of these mineral make-up companies are true, you will certainly benefit from using the mineral cosmetics because it gets rid of the irritating effects of additives.

In addition, mineral makeup also has a solar protection factor that protects your skin from being burned. Once again, dermatologists dispute this by saying that the mineral makeup SPF is not so high to completely protect the skin damage caused by the sun.

Another thing: Makeup can not remove your wrinkles but it can help improve your appearance. The best thing to do is to select the brand that best suits your skin type. If you opt for minerals, do some research and read the label.