Wednesday, July 6

The 10 best secrets to help you cook sensational fish recipes outside!

Large fish recipes come in various tasks: grilled, poached and baked, but the results are often disappointing! So when baking fish outside, what are some of the secrets of success?

Here are my 10 recommendations

The biggest secret to cook great fish recipes is not too spoon. The fish is delicate; It becomes easily hard and loses its flavor and moisture so too cooked on an outside grill;
Cook your fish hot and fast, in this way its well cooked without the loss of moisture;
Manage your fish as little as possible because the fish falls easily into pieces! Try using fish baskets in your pot in stock; Use well oiled surfaces / pans during cooking; Use a tranche of fish to transform your fish rather than a thick spatula;
Note always your fish before cooking …… and if you can, always buy non-frozen fresh fish; Frozen fish after defrosting is often MOLF and aqueous!
When buying your fish, try buying nets that are the same thickness throughout their length [often it’s not possible]; This avoids cagic thin extremities of fish. If you have thin extremities, cut them and grill them separately for less time;
Often, we get the erroneous quantity and it is a disappointment, when cooking the nets aim for a third to a half-book of fish per person;
Remember that it is not the weight of the fish, but the thickness of the fish that determines the duration of your time. Freshness also has a bearing. The guideline for cooking fish cooking is to calculate 5 minutes per centimeter or 10 minutes per inch thick in the thickest part of the fish.
If you are unable to measure, another way of saying when to stop cooking your fish on the grill or in the pan, it’s looking at. Once the flesh of the fish is no longer translucent but became opaque and easily separated with a cooked fork.
Do not be afraid to marinate fish; Marinades work well with fish; But an hour is as much as necessary. Remember that herbs and spices can be rubbed in the flesh just before grilling.
The wine helps add flavor to the fish, add wine to the pan during cooking with a pan while the fish is on the tablespoon or a tablespoon or two of wine and cook in a package of aluminum foil.