Sunday, August 14

Summary of Cloud Technology

The cloud is not going anywhere soon. We are in a point where organizations are moving from dabbling in cloud provisioning to creating it the backbone from the IT infrastructure. Based on “The Brand New IT Normal: Cloudy and becoming Cloudier,” by Arthur Cole:

Already, the cloud accounts in excess of 1 / 2 of all data center traffic, based on ‘cisco’, and that’s likely to climb to 76 percent by 2018. A lot of the game to date has centered on the introduction of private clouds, however that knowledge of we’ve got the technology reaches a vital point, anticipate seeing broader adoption of public sources, that will ultimately evolve into hybrid cloud platforms supplying highly scalable, federated data infrastructure.

Because of the effect the cloud is getting on companies both small and big, it’s no wonder that job postings for cloud positions are among the fastest-growing skills on Dice. An analysis of searches by hiring managers implies that the way forward for tech pros employed in the cloud is not gloomy.


Unsurprisingly, Java is too vital that you firms hiring cloud candidates. The programming language and platform may be the foundation for thus many technologies today it remains among the top skills on Dice every year. While other languages are gaining speed, Java continues to be king from the hill.

SaaS, Virtualization, vCloud, Salesforce

Cloud-specific skills like SaaS, virtualization, vCloud and Salesforce all rank on hiring managers’ wish lists for candidates. Salesforce hit 1,000 job postings in April this season and keeps growing in recognition, with job postings up 26 % year-over-year on Dice.


Free technologies like Linux, Python and Hadoop create value for businesses searching for cloud professionals. Tech professionals with Hadoop experience doubly benefit as other movements like Big Data continue..

Cloud Sales

What’s the way forward for a technology without professionals to market it? Information mill frequently searching for cloud professionals with sales experience who are able to drive the merchandise forward striking goals while doing the work.

Cloud Security

And also you can’t possess a conversation about cloud with no reference to security. Information mill searching for security experts who can communicate guidelines to colleagues, define vulnerabilities, and act rapidly within the unfortunate event of the breach.

Cloud Vendors

One factor that has not altered since Dice last reported on cloud via Open Web, its Big Data sourcing tool, is the fact that Amazon . com/AWS remains the preferred vendor, but unlike this past year, there’s another kid on the market. VMware also sprang up frequently in hiring managers’ searches, showing that because the cloud proliferates, same goes with companies searching to take advantage of and additional boost the technology.