Wednesday, February 1

Spectacular Holiday Destinations on a Budget

Many of us keep our travel plans aside because traveling and saving do not go along successfully. Contrary to this belief, you can always enjoy more by giving in less. There are many travel destinations in this world that are famous for their amazing attractions, wonderful climate, delightful cuisine and much more. Above all, despite your limited budget, you’ll still be able to explore them.

So the next time you’re traveling in a limited budget, lift your chin high because we have a collection of some spectacular travel destinations.

1. Bali
You must have heard of Bali being popular for a luxurious destination. However, it is also a great choice when traveling in a budget. There are endless attractions to be explored in Bali and tourists are left with limitless choices. Bali is a mind blowing island where you’ll find the best of both worlds. Eat, love, pray and do so much more! If you are a nature lover, there is no better experience than to witness the sunrise and sunset in Bali. For sunset, Ulluwatu Temple is one of the most popular spots. The gigantic temple is located on the limestone cliff and offers breathtaking view. The Kecak Dance taking place at the sunset is also a unique sight. Bali is also home to wonderful villages with vast rice paddies. You might be on your bicycle, car or even by foot; it is a delight to explore them. Mount Batur looks heavenly, especially when you arrive there just in time for sunrise. Last but not the least, the marvelous beaches of Bali are outstanding. You might turn up the romance or indulge in water sports; you’re destined to have the time of your life in Bali!

2. Denver
If you believe Colorado to be expensive for traveling, you need to give Denver a fair chance. It is also famously known as the Mile High City. Denver is a travel destination like no other; rich culture, 300 summer days, natural wonders and so much more! The natural beauty of the city can be explored by visiting the alpine pastures of Mount Evans. A large variety of wildlife along with the spectacular landscape makes it a picturesque destination. Denver is also famous for its Museum of Nature and Science. There is no better place to explore the prehistoric times, Ice Age and some special collection of artifacts. The Denver Center for Performing Arts is the perfect place for an engaging night out. The breath taking Botanical Gardens would leave you in awe because of the magical variety of its flora and fauna. Denver’s Zoo is also loved by tourists around the globe.

3. Egypt
The uncertain safety conditions of Egypt might come in the way. Despite that, Egypt is a unique travel destination and ideal if you’re traveling in a budget. This oldest tourist destination has so much to offer to travelers. Whether you remember it for its civilization, Giza pyramids, Nile or the camels, exploring Egypt is surely magical! Although there is a lot to explore, you can’t leave the country without traveling to some of its most famous attractions. Among them, the Pyramids of Giza take the lead. The pyramids took three generations to get constructed, and it is no surprise that they’ve been listed as one of the wonders of the world. Moving on, Karnak is another favorite. Even when they’re ruined beyond repair, they are still the largest religious site to ever get constructed. Once in the country, it is a delight to experience the River Earth Cruise. Who does not know of the grand tombs of Egypt? Head to the Valley of the Kings to explore these majestic tombs built ages back.