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Philippine Eco Tour Destinations

Fortunate with abundant natural sources, the Philippines is making great waves in eco-tourism. The is constantly on the become among the country’s leading cash cows, especially since the clamor for global atmosphere protection is reaching new heights. The Philippines, which hosts colorful festivals, fascinating attractions, and hottest occasions, ranks one of the world’s best eco tour destinations.

Using its greater than 7,000 islands, this predominantly Catholic nation offers quite a bit to provide for travelers trying to spend a couple of days encircled through the calls of nature. From rock climbing to snorkeling, there’s an eco tour package which will fit your interest, skills, and budget. Approaching nature within the Philippines isn’t difficult. Would-be visitors can pick many accommodations that provide eco tours in a variety of locations across the nation.

This is a travel help guide to a few of the leading eco tour destinations within the Philippines.


Tropical paradise of Palawan hosts a few of the breathtaking natural wonders within the Philippines. Among the prime attractions within this southern province may be the Coron Reefs, that has seven ponds encircled by limestone coves. Another suggested destination in Palawan may be the town of El Nido, where Bacuit Bay is situated. This lake is really a haven for snorkeling and diving enthusiasts because the bay is really a sanctuary for various marine existence for example manta sun rays, sharks, and ocean turtles. Palawan can also be the place to find the Calauit Game Preserve and Wildlife Sanctuary and also the Malampaya Seem Land and Seascape Protected Area.


Vacationers in Donsol are treated to some big adventure. This primary-class town in Sorsogon is renowned for the existence of whale sharks. These giant fish, in your area referred to as butanding, are often spotted within the town from December to May, attracting both local and foreign visitors. Tour packages in the region include swimming beside whale sharks, which often grow greater than 15 meters lengthy. Apart from whale sharks viewing, Donsol can also be renowned for firefly and shrimp-catching tours. You may also possess a close encounter with manta sun rays in Donsol.


Another must-visit eco-tourism site within the Philippines is Bohol, a tropical province found in the Central Visayas region. Bohol hosts the earth’s famous Chocolate Hillsides. There are other than 1,700 grass-covered hillsides spread over a place well over 50 square kilometers. The Philippine tarsier, among the tiniest primates on the planet, has additionally placed Bohol around the tourist map. Visitors could possibly get close up and private using the creatures but aren’t permitted to the touch them. Bohol can also be fortunate with numerous pristine beaches, in which you may enjoy various water activities for example snorkeling and kayaking.


Found on the west central section of Luzon, Pangasinan is yet another eco-tourism hub in the united states. The province is well-noted for the Hundred Islands Park, a marine sanctuary comprising some 123 islands. The planet-famous park is a perfect site for sightseeing, trekking, and kayaking. If you rent then motor motorboats in the Lucap Wharf in Alaminos, vacationers could make golden recollections while transferring in one island to a different.