Wednesday, July 6

Mineral makeup can enjoy your skin

This may seem to be a new glory found for some, but in reality, it has been in the 1970s. Mineral makeup has been a high demand since the launch of some new cosmetic companies such as bare minerals and nude essentials specialized in the Mineral makeup. Foundations with eye shadows, cheeks and powders, mineral makeup continues to skyrocket in the cosmetic world. Makeup enthusiasts like the fact that the product is lightweight and beneficial for the skin. Professional makeup artists, doctors and dermatologists also recommend this makeup for daily use. Here is a list of the benefits that mineral makeup provides:

Shortly in many climates
It is water resistant, so depending on your climate, it can adapt by keeping the skin hydrated and pushing water and keep the skin looking for skin and feel fresh.

Do not obstruct pores
Mineral makeup is non-comedogenic and non-acnegenic. He lets you breathe your skin while acting as anti-bacterial and prevents breaks.

It acts as a natural solar screen
One of the natural ingredients of mineral makeup is titanium dioxide which is a natural protector of the sun. Wear it on your solar screen moisturizer and you will have double protection.

Provides younger skin
For a young glow and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It has reflective properties in the product such as mica and zinc oxide.

Sure to use if you have a skin disorder
People sensitive to makeup or who are currently experiencing skin problems like acne, rosacea or dry skin, love using mineral products because it is oil free and does not irritate the skin. It does not hold bacteria in the product so that germs do not carry in the mineral.

Can be used after treatments
It is recommended by doctors and dermatologists after support with laser, chemical and micro-dermabrasion treatments. Since your skin can be very sensitive after aggressive treatments, mineral makeup is excellent because its healing properties can calm down and soothe skin.

It has an impeccable skin look
This makeup works well for women who want to look young and radiant. With reflective properties of light like mica, it radiates the skin and gives a flawless blanket.

Does not contain hard chemicals
Finally a product free of chemicals! What is great because it is free of perfumes, chemical dyes, mineral oil and silicones. The main ingredients of mineral makeup are titanium dioxide, zinc oxide and 100% micronized minerals. Zinc protects skin health. It does not have a preservative and has a longer shelf life than chemical makeup.