Wednesday, February 1

How to sell a commercial property the right way

The sale of a commercial property brings a number of market factors together. These factors must be well planned and taken into account before the sales campaign begins. A real estate agent can help an owner substantially substantially with local market trends.

The sale of a commercial property therefore includes special attention with some important things, including:

Timing of the sale

Impact of tenants in the sale
Controls and notifications relating to the property
Impact of vacant areas in the property and on sale
Net income levels produced from the property
Strength and stability of lease documentation for tenants of the property
Good rental mix and a rental schedule that has been verified against existing rental contracts
Sales methods to be used that can create the interest of the sale and convert buyers to a sales contract at the best price on the current market
Another property for sale in the same place or large size
Time on the market for the sale of goods yet
Property marketing methods for sale
The ideal target market that property is expected to attract into marketing
The best price considering existing and dominant market conditions
Levels of expenses and expenses in the operation of the property
Proof of price of other goods sold in the region
The list can continue, but these are the main points to consider when you prepare to sell a commercial property. A good real estate agent will help an owner with these main decisions and concepts.

In the existing real estate market, the choice of marketing is essential to attract the right investigation. If the target markets for buyers are not affected, the selling price or offers will be lower than that ideal.

So, what are the best ways to market a business property for sale? In most cases, the marketing campaign will extend over a period of 6 to 8 weeks and will include:

Internet ads
Newspaper ads
Panel on the property
Flyers sent to the business community
Direct mail to an established database
Direct phone calls
E-mail marketing in a qualified prospect database
This marketing plan should be balanced in a budget of choice. With a commercial property, it is not unusual to spend about 1% of the value of the property in the marketing campaign. This is a cost for the owner and should remain so. A well-marketed property will attract the best survey and actually the best price on the existing real estate market.

Given the growth and impact of the Internet lately, it is essential to implement a marketing strategy that frees the property into the different media channels. Buyers usually go on the Internet to search for more details on the property before calling you to inspect.