Wednesday, February 1

Easy Tips for Cooking Thanksgiving Turkey

It’s time for Thanksgiving again. Time for those of us who have the responsibility to cook dinner to start planning and shopping for what is one or two days of sometimes intense cooking.

There was a moment when I dreaded the thought to cook Thanksgiving dinner, no more. Since I cooked three thanksgiving meals now, I learned a lot. My knowledge came to search for information and my own experiences. I can now say honestly that I can not wait to cook thanksgiving for my family.

My first Thanksgiving dinner was very good. In fact, it turned out better that I had anticipated. However, when he reached the table, I was a little a nervous wreck and could hardly eat. It was the first time for more than 20 years that I had cooked a turkey and, when I had cooked my first, I had the mother of the boyfriend’s time on the phone almost all the time.

So what did I learn to cook Thanksgiving Turkey? Well, my number one number one number is not to cook a greater than necessary. The experts suggest that you cook a turkey according to the number of people you serve and from the base on 1 to 1 1/2 pounds per person. I probably need less because I also cook a delicious enamelled pineapple ham. My first Thanksgiving my husband insisted to cook an 18-pound turkey because her mother had. I knew it would be a big way for just eight of us and I was right. I had so much left it was ridiculous and, as I have an older oven, it was a little clogged in the oven. I now cook a turkey from 10 to 12 pounds and there are a lot of things for everyone and a lot of people from left but not too much.

Another thing I learned is that to be assured a damp Turkish, it must be stuffed. This is almost important with what, but it must be stuffed. I make a very simple stuffing for the interior of Turkey. I do this because the cooked stuffing is very wet and my family prefers the sausage sage and the joke of apple that I do and cook on the side. If you decide to make a joke for the inside of Turkey, you have to go between 1/2 cup and 3/4 cup stuffed by book, but do not overload the cavity. You can also fill the cavity with fresh oranges, lemons, celery, onions, garlic. etc.

My mother in law asked me my first Thanksgiving how I had the turkey so browned. Simple. I used butter and olive oil. I made a mixture of olive oil, softened not salty butter, rosemary, sage, salt and pepper. I rubbed it liberally under the skin and on the skin.

After all your hard work, you will want to make sure that Turkey is well cooked and that you leave a little extra time to let it rest after removing the oven. Follow the instructions that come with Turkey and make sure that the temperature of the thigh records 175 degrees and the farce of 160 to 165 degrees. You will want to let it rest between 20 and 30 minutes, with the stuffing inside, before sculpting.

With a little useful information discovering in advance and a line of cooking time to help you plan your day, cook your Thanksgiving dinner can be a nice experience.