Wednesday, February 1

Commercial Agents – Commercial Property Marketing Campaigns Today

In this real estate market, the marketing you do for commercial sales and the rental will help create an investigation. Since many cities and cities are experiencing slowdowns of real estate activity, it is very important to target commercial and retail property on good buyers or tenants, as the case may be.

Mandatory expenses

The best marketing campaigns are funded by the supplier as the survey must be optimized. A supplier expense of about 1% of the requested price is appropriate in the case of a property for sale. If the property should be marketed for leases, the owner’s equation for marketing owners should be based on the required marketing required to exploit the targeted renter market.

Exclusive registrations please

The properties of the list of sales or rental agents must search for appointments and terms of the exclusive list of at least 4 months or more. The property could take a reasonable time to create the right investigation. That being said, property owners should be helped to understand today’s real market conditions and exactly where their property price or rent is seated. There is no question of marketing a property for sale or lease if the figure requested is above the current market conditions.

Here are some ideas for planning and structuring a property marketing campaign:

Look around the local area to see exactly what other similar type properties do. Are there vacancies or properties for sale? How long have they been on the market and what is the price or rent price? You will need this information before planning your marketing efforts.

From your existing database, you will know which are the current levels of a property investigation and what these people are looking for. Review your database to see how your new announcement could match the current request.

Most buyers and tenants who acquire or rent a new property will come from the community of surrounding companies. This could be the 5 km surrounding or more. It is remarkable to know how much investigation that you can create when you often call for cold call and prospect this group of owners and businesses.

Most (75%) of your marketing funds should be spent in the first 6 weeks of the campaign. It is at this moment that your property is fresh and new for the local survey. Meanwhile, chosen marketing methods should be followed for efficiency and success. If something does not work, change it.

After a period of 5 months and if the property is not sold or rented, it would be better to take public property from the market and make a direct approach to businesses and owners. This gives the duration of the property to refresh and be available for a new investigation when it returns.

Today, the properties sold or rented are generally the result of a dedicated marketing effort and focus. That said the campaigns have been well planned and implemented. A former agent today puts more effort in their exclusive lists, knowing that they control the stock and the investigation. The more information requests you can extract on each marketing campaign, the more the possibility of matching the parties to a successful property transaction.