Saturday, October 1

Church event management solutions

Management of participants and church campaigns at the same time becomes too difficult for an event organizer. However, you can now solve your problems with business management solutions from the complete church. It automates all your back office procedures without a headache.

You can now get rid of a prolonged paper recording process for your faith-based events with an innovative church event management solution. There are various event management solutions that will surely work with your church events. They do not only increase the number of participants in your events, but also significantly reduce your workload. The wide range of these solutions simplifies the event recording process by increasing the effectiveness of fundraising and optimizing donations through the online payment gateway.

Members’ registration law at the donation and dinner collection, Church event management solutions have all covered. Here is an overview of some benefits you can get when providing these services:
Registration of the event in seconds

Online registration is now eliminating the hassle from manually filling a long recording form. Its nature without hassle helps to attract a greater number of target audience. Even if you have no technical expertise, you can manage and accomplish the registration process using the best use of the Church event management solution. Unlike the traditional paper process (where you need to review the pile of documents for unique information), it reduces your workload and allows your participants to collect the necessary information on campaigns, travel, fundraising and Many others in one click of your mouse.

Online payment gateway to collect payments and donations

Online payments management now helps suppress the pain wait for hours in these long queues to make payments and donations. Accept payments by such online modes is safe and manually mitigates treasury concerns. In addition to the transformation of all major credit cards, Paypal, checks and purchase orders, such online payments managing can offer real-time authorization for acceptance of payments.

Built-in calendar and messaging tool ensures fast and easy communication

With an integrated calendar, your members can stay aware of different events organized by your church, such as daily devotion, youth camps, fundraising events and many others. Now you do not need to create large posters to publicize your church events. This tool allows you to make a complete promotion of events such as Congregation and Prayers via social networking sites, namely Facebook, Twitter and others, with one click of the mouse. The innovative messaging tool facilitates easy communication with members and allows you to regularly send RSVPs and email reminders to users.

Share what concerns you the private community

Automated church event management software available today can offer your members the greatest freedom to share their views via a private community. In addition to connecting people to remote locations, it allows volunteers to stay in touch with the participants and respond to their requests, if any.

Membership management with automated database

The automated database allows proper management of members and participants, thereby lowering the risk of any error. You can now access your automated database for all membership information and participants in loyal events such as the congregation, prayers in synagogues, etc. In addition to tracking each member’s contact information, the database may also provide payments, tithe and other transactions made by all members.