Tuesday, July 5

Android 4. – What It Really Brings for Android Database Integration

Mobile Database Integration was come to another level as Android database integration made its distance to the field of mobiles. Mobiles switched into smartphones as iPhone database integration and blackberry database integration has been around since making smartphones a fundamental element of our work and personnel lives.

Google’s Android introduced in the benefit of multitasking combined with the support of multiple screens or desktops. Becoming an free platform, made Android a popular for mobile database integration.

Its new edition-Android 4. is placed to usher in another wave of enhancements which takes android database integration to greater heights. This latest version continues to be built like a complete re-think of Android’s image and utilizes a principle of “Enchant me, Simplify My Existence, making Me Awesome.” It may be seen around the phones, tablets and computers too.

We check out what this new edition of Google’s OS holds in the bag of improvement.

Unified UI framework- This version earns new UI tools for that developers, facilitating growth and development of refined and innovative apps. The interface element together with APIs for example fragments, content loaders, Action Bar, etc from the earlier Android 3.x happen to be retained together with introduction of recent elements. This facilitates development because it works across the plethora of Android devices resulting in simplified code and consistent design practices.

Communication and discussing- This version has incorporated some effective tools to create communicating and discussing better still. Profile data, contacts and calendar occasions from the user’s activities or social systems could be integrated using a shared social provider and API that gives a unified store of these activities. Other APIs that really help within this are Calendar API and Visual Voicemail message API.

Direct Connect- Another new feature that gives great scope of innovation for developers may be the Wi-Fi Direct connection. Utilizing it developers can search and fasten to nearby devices immediately with the aid of a framework API. This will make android database integration much more interesting as now developers possess a free hands to create their apps more innovative. It is because through Wi-Fi Direct, media content could be streamed from various devices, files and photos could be shared in addition to reference to groups may also be established.

Better Camera- Your camera will get bigger and with Android 4.. Features for example ZSL exposure, image zoom, and continuous focus provide lots of scope for developers to experiment making their apps better. Also these functions considerably improve the caliber of still and video images. The newer version also enables setting of custom metering regions inside a camera preview plus a face-recognition facility that simplifies image focusing and processing.

Better security- Authentication management is simpler for apps with Android 4.. Apps can store and recover private keys easily through the new keychain API and encrypted storage. Memory management related problems are also taken proper care of by presenting Address Space Layout Randomization (ASLR). ASLR enables protection of 3rd party applications because it improves memory management and resolves the problems associated with it.